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PPIHX August 2008 New Features/ Back to School (5 hour Video)     MP4Zip   First 30 minutes is the ASAH Conference registration.
20 hrs of video instruction.
Finance Billing System (PDF)        Finance Billing System (55 min Video 9/9/08)                          MP4Zip
Health System (45 min Video 9/9/08) Jump ahead 15 minutes into it.                                                MP4Zip  
Scheduling System (55 min Video 9/9/08)                                                                                               MP4Zip
Therapy Logging and SEMI Forms System (37 min Video 9/16/08)                                                     MP4Zip
APA Pre ID and SEMI Data Export (Video Nov 2008)                                                                         MP4Zip
Intake to Demographics to Outcomes Video ( 90 min Video 9/30/08)                                                    MP4Zip
Interim Reports and Report Cards Video ( 45 min Video 9/30/08)                                                         MP4Zip
Staff Information including Time Sheets & CEUs Video ( 75 min Video 10/7/08)                               MP4Zip
IEPs and Progress Reports with Admin steps Video ( 70 min Video 10/7/08)                                       MP4Zip
Lunch Program EDIT Check and ASSA Reports Video ( 48 min Video 10/14/08)                               MP4Zip
Inventory Management and reporting Video ( 25 min Video 10/14/08)                                                 MP4Zip
Foundation and Fundraising Video (30 min Video 10/21/08)                                                               MP4Zip
PDF Documentation
Future webinars will cover new development and Focus webinars on specific areas such as with the topic area of Health we will have a detailed webinar on Screening, Immunizations.

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