To successfully print from the 2008 servers perform all  these steps.

If you can already print from 2008 servers then skip these steps

Note: Make sure you are a local administrator of your PC to perform the next 5 steps, 

Do not submit a work order unless you or your PC support technician attempted these steps or PPIHX is your provider of local PC Support .

1. Install all windows updates  then reboot and install the rest and reboot again.

2. Install RDP 6.1 and reboot Click Here if you do NOT have Windows XP service Pack 3, Vista, or Windows 7 

3. Install .NET Framework 3.5 Click Here then reboot.

4. Go to internet Explorer Tools->Internet Options->Security->Trusted Sites and add and lower the security for trusted sites.

5. Windows XP users Download and Extract to place the file TsWpfWrp.exe file in the Windows\system32 folder on your PC

Reboot your PC and now log in and choose 2008 Terminal Server 2 or 3 ActiveX

Make sure you install all of the ActiveX controls you are prompted to add.