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 Paradigm Pioneers database RDP.PPIHX.COM works on the iPad

   Imagine being able to put the face to the name while loading busses and administering
  medication. Documenting the administration of services from a lightweight iPad.
   (Note: There is no additional charge from Paradigm Pioneers to use your iPad.)

  Work on the PPIHX Hosted database on your iPad from school download an iPad Remote Desktop apps such as....                                  
The additional right click features of this may be purchased for 4.99 from the app store. The OnScreen touch pad by clicking the mouse icon on the top right makes navigation very precise.

   iTAP 11.99  3 finger swipe toggles the keyboard and Windows on screen keyboard is also available.

   While working from a non Verizon Broadband / dynamic IP / non school location / Home or on the road the 24.99 app is

"Chrome Browser with Java & Flash Player, Open Office Suite, Adobe PDF Forms Reader and Dropbox sync on a Virtual PC - AlwaysOnPC iPad Edition"

When you use the RDP type of connection the server name is RPD.PPIHX.COM

You can set the resolution to 1024x768 or greater. You can zoom in and out if needed.

Don't forget the PPIHX1\ domain before your user id.   Do not save passwords for security.

Click here for a sample image of the iPad Settings


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